SENG is an innovative cryptocurrency designed to provide secure, efficient and convenient digital payment and transaction experiences for users around the world.

As an emerging cryptocurrency, SENG has unique advantages in blockchain technology and smart contracts, providing users with a broader application scenario.


Community App

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit with our dedicated Community App. Connect with fellow members, participate in discussions, and stay updated on the latest developments.

Stake & Farm

Explore the decentralized landscape through our Staking and Farming features. Stake your tokens to support the network and earn rewards, or participate in farming to yield additional tokens.


Discover the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the SENG ecosystem. Collect unique digital assets, ranging from artwork to virtual real estate, and engage in NFT trading and creation.


Engage in decentralized governance through our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) platform. Join voting sessions, propose initiatives, and contribute to the decision-making process of the SENG community.

Burn Fee

Contribute to the deflationary model of SENG through our Burn Fee mechanism. A portion of each transaction is burned, reducing the token supply over time and potentially increasing the value of existing tokens.

Prizes & Championships

Participate in community events, competitions, and championships to win exciting prizes and recognition. Showcase your skills, creativity, and dedication within the SENG ecosystem.












Next 10,000 times coin!



Phase 1

Q1 2024

Launch of Community App

Introduction of Staking and Farming

NFT Marketplace Launch

DAO Governance Establishment

Implementation of Burn Fee

Start of Prizes & Championships

Phase 2

Q2 2024

Community App Enhancement

Improved Staking and Farming

NFT Marketplace Expansion

DAO Governance Evolution

Refinement of Burn Fee

Scaling up Prizes & Championships

Phase 3

Q3 2024

Advanced Community App Features

Expansion of Staking and Farming Options

Collaboration for NFT Growth

Empowerment through DAO Governance

Sustainable Burn Fee Model

Celebratory Prizes & Championships


News trends

SENG official website will regularly release the latest news, industry dynamics and technological progress, so that users understand the latest development of SENG and market changes. Users can follow SENG's official account on the official website or social media for more information.

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